For information on the availability of RAPIVAB, please see below:

rapivab lolo.JPG

Please note, current stock of Rapivab has expired creating a temporary out of stock. It is planned that Rapivab stock will be available Quarter 1 - 2021and will come with a 5 year shelf-life. Please contact Jeff Hamilton or Biocelect for Rapivab Pre-orders, including a Rapivab expiry replacement plan, and for immediate delivery when stock arrives.

Ordering Rapivab:

To place an order for Rapivab or setting up a DHL Account^:

Email: or

Phone: 1800 077 421

Fax: 1800 358 199

or the DHL portal

^Please note: it may take up to 3 days to obtain a DHL account or to set up a Biocelect account at DHL to order other Biocelect products.


Alternatively, please contact Jeff Hamilton, National Key Account Manager on 0432 483 226 or


Or email us at