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Why Partner with Biocelect?

Building pathways to patients is Biocelect’s core business. 

We enjoy navigating the challenges of each stage in the product launch process, from market evaluation, registration, and reimbursement, through to commercial distribution and sale. 


Biocelect now has a demonstrated track record of success in registering Kodatef (tafenoquine) for malaria prophylaxis in the Australian market. Throughout the commercialisation process, we have been firmly focused on the needs of the patients and providers that will use Kodatef, and our licensing partner, 60 Degrees Pharmaceuticals. We pride ourselves on this customer-centric approach.

While launching Kodatef, we remained actively engaged in identifying, sourcing, and in-licensing products, with the goal of a creating a unique product portfolio for Australia and the region. The Biocelect team can commercialise a diverse range of products due to its industry experience across many therapeutic areas and many channels including Primary Care, Hospital & Specialist, OTC, and Generics. 

Our Partners: 

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